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May 4, 2012

London Architecture: Marianne Butler

by Team Riverside

Or 2000 years of architectural achievement in smart paperback format for £12.99.

Metro Guides have been sending out their compact guides to all things London for quite some time now – cemeteries, gardens, hidden walks, bookshops, markets – seemingly aimed at tourists but perfect for Londoners too.  Architecture, a past bestseller, has been recently reissued.  It’s not a coffee table book but a guide, with just enough information (location, brief history, how to get there) to send you on your way and see for yourself why its been featured.  As well as the obvious there’s a plethora of the less obvious, the things we walk past every single day and sometimes notice (but mostly don’t), making it an ideal and accessible gateway to explore the wealth two millennia of putting buildings next to each other will give you.