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November 7, 2013

Happy birthday, Albert Camus

by Andre

Albert Camus PenguinToday we’re celebrating the centenary of Albert Camus (born 7 Nov 1913), a writer whose sense of the absurd has only grown in relevance since his death in 1960, while other thinkers and philosophers have waned in terms of their influence. Even if you’re already familiar with his classic The Outsider, there are plenty of other Camus-related titles in stock with which to mark the occasion. We’ve got Penguin’s centenary publication of a brace of Camus essays in The Sea Close By (£1.99 – find it on the Riverside counter); The Boxer v The Goalkeeper: Sartre vs Camus by Andy Martin, an investigation into the feuding French thinkers; and there’s Penguin’s Great Ideas series of £4.99 titles including Camus essays The Myth of Sisyphus and Fastidious Assassins. And, of course, we’ll have The Outsider and The Plague in stock until 2113 if we possibly can.