Spring Tide: Cilla & Rolf Borjlind

by Andre

Cilla and Rolf Borjlind SPRING TIDEThis startling Scandi-crime debut launches a new series from a couple who scripted Swedish TV hits including Arne Dahl and Wallander. Spring Tide – also heading to television in 2015 – opens with a grisly beach scene on the Swedish island of Nordkoster, then shifts to Stockholm 24 years later where the homeless are subject to random, violent attacks. A trainee cop, Olivia Rönning, is drawn to the 1980s cold case for a class project, which leads her to Tom Stilton, an ex-police detective with issues. But she fears for her safety as the investigation reveals a web of corruption involving big business, call girls and a Costa Rican connection.

Spring Tide is a novel that artfully combines sharp humour, suspense and social issues – shades of Henning Mankell and Maj Sjöwall & Per Wahlöö – within concise scenes that keep you reading. Buy the book before it hits the small screen.

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