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July 20, 2021

We Want Our Books by Jake Alexander

by Team Riverside
We Want Our Books

Hardback, Pan Macmillan, £12.99, out now

Rosa has so many interesting questions that her dad suggests they visit the library to get the answers.  But the library is closed and boarded up, because it’s going to be knocked down and replaced by a restaurant.  There will be no library to provide answers.

In this striking picture book, Rosa and her family do their best to protest against the closure by reminding people of how useful and important libraries are.  But no one seems to listen, as people are either too busy or think that the protest is beneath their notice.

But it turns out that more people care about the library than only Rosa’s family, and that all together they can make a difference.

We Want Our Books is a love letter to libraries and a believable story about the highs and lows of grassroots protest. 

I still get a rush of joy whenever I walk into a public library, when I remember that I can find a book that might change my life and that I can borrow it for free.  And if you need a reminder of how lovely libraries can be, treat yourself to a look here:  Libraries need our support – support yours!

Review by Bethan

July 20, 2021

Bestsellers from 14 to 19 July

by Team Riverside
The Vanishing Half

Brit Bennett – The Vanishing Half

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – Notes on Grief

Richard Osman – The Thursday Murder Club

Mary Ann Sieghart – The Authority Gap

Rutger Bregman – Humankind

Lisa Taddeo – Animal

Douglas Stuart – Shuggie Bain

Jennifer Makumbi – The First Woman

Olga Ravn – The Employees

Elizabeth Jenner – What to Look For in Summer

DVSA – Official DVSA Theory Test

Avni Doshi – Burnt Sugar

Aldous Huxley – Brave New World

Chris Riddell – Ottoline Goes to School

David Peace – Tokyo Redux

Kazuo Ishiguro – Klara and the Sun

Margaret Kennedy – The Feast

Maggie O’Farrell – Hamnet

Natalie Haynes – Pandora’s Jar

Marion Billet – There are 101 Things to Find in London

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