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Jane Bown
Guardian Faber, Hardback

In this beautiful photography book, all of portrait photographer Jane Bown’s trademark skills are on display.  The cats she has photographed over five decades, mainly in black and white but sometimes in colour, stand out as a series of complex individuals.

Bown, who died in 2014, worked for the Guardian/Observer for decades, and many of her works now hang in the National Portrait Gallery.  Her photographs of Samuel Beckett and Mick Jagger, as well as others, are regarded as classics.  Why should a great artist not turn her attention to cats?  Her own cats feature prominently, but there are also market cats and kittens, show cats and stragglers.  You can get a taste of what’s inside here.

In a handy medium sized format, this would be the perfect gift for someone who loves excellent photography, or cats – but ideally both!

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    I wandered into a bookshop on Lygon Street, Melbourne and this was the first book I noticed. Then I saw it was by Jane Bown and there was a lovely portrait of her with her own cat, by her son. I was very surprised, as Jane was my neighbour in Hampshire until she moved towns shortly before she passed away. I was privileged to be the subject of a portrait and treasure my b&w photo of myself.

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