HHhH: Laurent Binet

Now in paperback – £8.99

Laurent Binet’s debut was one of the hottest books of 2012. A genre-bending piece of ‘fictionless’ historical fiction, it’s a novel about mind-bendingly chilling facts: those surrounding the awe-inspiring story of the 1942 assassination of Gestapo honcho Reinhard ‘The Blonde Beast’ Heydrich. On the first page Binet claims that Heydrich’s British-trained Czech assassins are “the authors of one of the greatest acts of resistance in human history, and without doubt the greatest of the Second World War.” By the last page you’ll be in total and permanent agreement. Obsessed with the past but gleaming with radical innovation, HHhH is urgent and new and terrifying and beautiful and pretty much the best thing that’s happened in literary fiction for ages.







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  1. […] his first, critically acclaimed novel, HHhH (previously reviewed by Stuart for this blog in 2012 https://riversidebookshop.co.uk/2013/01/01/hhhh-laurent-binet/), will instantly recognise his signature style of narrative intrusion that makes him one of the […]

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