The Physics of the Future: Michio Kaku

So this probably will not be winning a major literary prize any time soon – there’s a few too many narrative touches, presumably intended to make it all more ‘reader friendly’ (think clunky Greek mythology shoe-horned into the start of each chapter), but if it is highly polished prose you are after then go elsewhere.  This one is all about the wonder.  Mind-boggling wonder.  And there is more than plenty of that.

It is all very Shape of Things to Come, as you would expect from a book about the shape of things to come, but Kaku knows his onions, as well as a great many industry insiders (and, perhaps, his Greek mythology), and the result is a highly readable, thoroughly fascinating and confident romp through all the wonderful (and some of the terrible) things awaiting us.  It’s short.  It’s to the point.  It’s curiously strange and all so plausible.







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