The Riverside Bookshop

We can be found at 57 Tooley Street, on the street side of Hay’s Galleria, where we’ve been for more than 30 years, and being a book shop we mostly sell books.  There are other things to be had from us – cards, gift wrap, National Book Tokens, notebooks, toys (sometimes) and other book related things – but mostly it is just books.  A lot of them.  Something like 10,000 titles.  And then there’s a few hundred thousand we can order in for you within a couple of days (at no extra cost) should the need arise.

On top of that there’s the 70 years of bookselling experience jostling for space behind the counter, with all the tea drinking and opinions inherent in such.  Some of those opinions you will find in our online recommendations, but just some; for more, and for any books, you’re just going to have to visit us in person. Contact details are just to your right…

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