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To Be a Trans Man

Ezra Woodger
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Paperback

It is rare when a book of interviews strikes a balance between informative and conversational, but this one nails it. Ezra Woodger chats with eight transmasculine people of different ages, races, and backgrounds. Main topics discussed include changing views on masculinity, approaches to transition, paths to self-expression, and the importance of an accepting community.

The conversations are truly delightful; the unique tone of each one leaps off the page. The interviewees are thoughtful, interesting individuals, open about the personal while keeping in mind the bigger picture. Woodger corresponds such candour by being honest about his own experiences, and the chats are all the better for it.

One recurring theme was the importance of media representation, and the need for more trans-led visibility in general, and of transmasculine people in particular. This book does exactly that, and it does it so well.

A refreshing, approachable, and frankly necessary, book. I want it to be in school libraries, airport bookshops, on shelves at homes and shops, ready to be read by everyone. What a treat!

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