Tag: Classics

  • The Penguin English Library

    Not that it is acceptable to judge a book by its cover (although in the literal sense it is, because that is kind of the point of book jackets), but it helps.  Especially if the cover is nice.  And Penguin, who are reissuing some of their classics (not for the first time), are taking thorough…

  • His Dark Materials: Philip Pullman

    Hardly a hot new release, and certainly not something that could have been easily missed in the last 15 or so years, but attention must be drawn to an all new Everyman Classic Library edition of everyone’s favourite bestselling atheist-minded fantasy kids epic. Like everything produced by the Everyman Classic Library it’s a handsome, perfectly…

  • Cold Comfort Farm: Stella Gibbons

    An unsubtle satire on the genres of the turgid, overwrought and overwritten considered important literature (Gibbons tartly highlights the passages she considers most characteristic of such); an outright attack on its many clichés (the doom, tragedy and vapid characterisation, all of which face the brunt of Gibbon’s put down’s and her heroine’s belligerent common sense);…

  • Dangerous Liaisons: Laclos

    A work of devious, selfish, cruel brilliance that revels in French aristocratic types behaving perfectly beastly toward one another, and miles better than any of the films (even the one with Buffy the Vampire Slayer).  Good stuff.

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