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Tiny Beautiful Things

Cheryl Strayed
Atlantic Books, Paperback

In March 2010, Cheryl Strayed took over the Dear Sugar advice column, to great success. Two years later, her memoir Wild became an international sensation. The following year, she published Tiny Beautiful Things, this delightful selection of her best Dear Sugar pieces.

Almost a decade later, her advice remains reassuring and relevant. The columns vary in length and subject matter; as expected, romance and family are recurring topics, but there are plenty of surprises, like a request for a commencement speech that Strayed didn’t get to do in person, yet delivered beautifully on the page. What remains consistent throughout are the quality of the writing, the engaging and thoughtful tone, and the generosity with which Strayed approaches every situation. Plus, she doesn’t hesitate to call out the advice-seeker when necessary!

One of my most-gifted books ever, this is a treat one can either devour in a few sittings, or truly savour by dipping in and out of its pages for months. This lovely new edition comes at a perfect time, with the Hulu adaptation well on its way, and the chaos of last year leaving many of us in search of comfort and connection.

I highly recommend Tiny Beautiful Things to everyone, but especially for fans of Conversations on Love and Dear Dolly, as well as readers in need of both the tightest of hugs and some serious tough love.

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