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  • This Must be the Place, by Maggie O’Farrell

    Hardback, Tinder Press, £18.99, out now – limited number of signed copies available in store Daniel is an American academic married to a reclusive former film star, and living in rural Ireland.  His happy second marriage to Claudette has produced two young children, to add to the ones he left in California and never sees. …

  • Grace McCleen: The Offering

    Signed copies available – £17.99 We now have signed copies of the acclaimed new book by Grace McCleen in stock. A novel about faith, innocence and sin, the lyrical prose also evokes the rhythms and beauty of the natural world. In The Offering, a charismatic psychiatrist believes he can unlock Madeline’s memory by taking her…

  • Maggie & Me: Damian Barr

    Signed copies available – £14.99 It wasn’t much fun being a gay kid in Thatcher’s Britain during the Eighties – especially not for Damian Barr, growing up in an aggressively straight community in a Lanarkshire village. His parents separate in 1984, the day that  ‘the blonde woman with a man’s voice’ is seen by the…

  • Signed Copies at the Riverside

    Get a signed Julian Barnes memoir – while stocks last At the Riverside, we do our best to get signed copies of the best new books – see below for our current selection, including Levels of Life by Julian Barnes. As Barnes said in his Booker acceptance speech for The Sense of an Ending, the…

  • Pat Barker: Toby’s Room

    We still have signed copies of this acclaimed new novel from Man Booker Prize winner Pat Barker. The author of the Regeneration trilogy returns to themes of trauma, friendship and art’s depiction of First World War suffering in Toby’s Room, a sequel (and prequel) to 2007’s Life Class.

  • Zadie Smith: NW

    Long awaited new novel that pays attention to the class issues in working-class north London,  comes signed by the Author! Only in the Riverside Bookshop.

  • John Banville: Ancient Light

    New hardback from the Man Booker Prize winner comes nicely signed, only at our little shop of horrors.

  • Juliet Nicholson: Abdication

    We still have couple of signed copies in stock but that won’t last long so hurry up and pay us a visit!

  • José Pizarro: Spanish Flavours

    £3 Special Discount Something special from our favourite local culinary genius: book of delicious recipes comes with a delicious discount of £3, whilst stock lasts! For details about the restaurant visit:

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